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House Wellness Foods HK L-137 Evidence Center/At HK L-137 Evidence Center, we present our findings about HK L-137 and immunity to serve your healthy life. For this, we keep on making a search for evidence to the value of HK L-137.

Offering global information on HK L-137 While lactic acid bacteria are well known as good bacteria in the intestine, their effect on the immune system has also drawn attention in recent years, HK L-137 is a special type of lactic acid bacteria we found in our effort of searching for immunostimulating materials. HK L-137 is designed to keep its immunostimulating activity through the optimal culture and processing conditions. At HK L-137 Evidence Center, we provide global information on HK L-137 that we have been studying for many years.
  • Discovery of HK L-137
  • Stable immunostimulating activity
  • Strong immunostimulating ability
  • Mechanism of immunostimulation
  • Safety

HK L-137-containing food ingredient Immuno-LP20 Descriptio Video

Research information

  • Protection against influenza virus infection:HK L-137 suppressed replication of the influenza virus in infected mice, and prolonged their survival period.
  • Increase in blood IFN-β concentration:Intake of HK L-137 increased blood concentration of IFN-β, a biomarker for the antivirus capability, in healthy subjects.
  • Preventive effects against common cold:Intake of HK L-137 decreased the incidence and severity of URTI in healthy subjects through augmentation of cellular immunity.
  • Improvement of periodontal disease:Periodontal pocket depth significantly improved in patients undergoing treatment for periodontal disease.
  • Improvement of quality of life (QOL):Intake of HK L-137 augmented immunefunctions in healthy subjects, thereby improving QOL.